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Whale Shark Koh Tao

Big Blue Freediving - Koh Tao - Thailand

Why choose Big Blue?


Big Blue Diveshop

Big Blue Freediving is located on the islands most popular beach, known as Sairee, our freediving school is within a resort (Big Blue Diving) and if you train with us, based on availability, accommodation is free! We are the only freediving school in Koh Tao that has our very own swimming pool, where we conduct all of our confined water skills! Providing you with a comfortable training environment to ease into the art of freediving! Not only do you receive free accommodation and have your own pool we also have our very own 16 meter diving boat! Our boat provides us with enough space to conduct pre-dive stretching sessions on the sun deck and for all courses we provide refreshments and snacks during breaks! To top it all off we also have two (2) restaurants and a bar for you to meet up new people and share your experiences!


What is Freediving?

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Freediving or apnea diving is having the ability to dive whilst holding your breath, without any artificial apparatus. At Big Blue Freediving "your lungs are your tanks"! Freediving gives complete freedom underwater. It encourages you to ‘live in the moment’ by helping you to remain calm in the mind and truly connect to your body. A range of aquatic activities such as snorkeling, surfing, spear fishing, synchronised swimming, meditation & yoga, benefit from and, require techniques taught in Freediving.

Want to learn more about freediving? We guantanee that once you have completed the SSI Level 1 Freediving course you will leave feeling you achieved a skill that you once thought was not possible! 

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Under new management


Big Blue Freediving (BBFD) is under new management and we are starting off fresh

Firstly, BBFD has undergone some major changes in the past few weeks one of them being the relocation of a new and vastly improved BBFD HQ, Breathing Room and Classroom! What we haven chosen to name "The Breathing Hub"! BBFD have scored, what we think is, the best classroom at Big Blue Diving Resort! We are now located by the restaurant and only 15 meters from the white sands of Sairee Beach, Koh Tao’s most popular location! 

Secondly, we have had some changes made to our Freediving crew! We not only teach you how to breath and dive to depths you never thought possible. We offer SSI and AIDA courses in our school and our focus is to provide courses daily! In Spanish and English.

Lastly, BBFD have a large online presence and like to stay connected with all of our past and future students! If you haven’t already, we invite you, to like Big Blue Freediving on Facebook, Tweet with us on Twitter @BBFreediving or come on a visual journey by following our boards on Pinterest, you’ll find us under the name of Big Blue Freediving, Koh Tao, Thailand! In addition to social media, we have our Freediving Blog which will be updated regularly and, of course, our website which covers what we do, how we do it and why!

We are excited to be able to start fresh, to provide high quality courses and to guide past and future students on their underwater journey!


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