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Whale Shark Koh Tao

Big Blue Freediving - Koh Tao - Thailand

Why be in the water with sharks?

Why be in the water with Sharks Sharks the world’s oldest predators, highly adapted and one of the oceans most diverse array of creatures. With up to 500 species, ranging in size and shape from the magnificent Whale shark to the smaller port Jackson shark. They are probably one of the world’s most misunderstood creatures, and due to that one of the worlds most threatened. However to get a better understanding of how these dinosaurs exist amongst us, and play such an important role in our oceans, we may need to venture in to their home. Doing this to most would seem dangerous, due to their wild reputation although most studies show that sharks are in fact afraid of any humans, that they come across in their habitat. Our endless fear for the big sharp teeth and unpredictable behaviour. Makes most think twice about jumping in to the water with these big fish. Freediving, the art of controlling our natural breath holding capabilities is something that would make us more like fish than any other water sport we have found. No bubbles, no bulky equipment make them silent and elegant as they interact with the underwater world. Sharks are very adapted to detect and also be disturbed by changes to their environment, and so as a Freediver those changes are minimalistic. Enabling you to really experience a world undisturbed by change, reducing the stress to any animal in the surrounding area.

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