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Big Blue Freediving - Koh Tao - Thailand

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Welcome to Big Blue FreeDiving, an Apnea training school within Big Blue Diving, Koh Tao, focusing training on breathhold diving or apnea or freediving.

RakAlthough Big Blue Diving has been operating Scuba Diver training and activities for over 25 years, Big Blue Freediving first developed about 10 years ago with one of our Belgian Scuba Instructors, who volunteered to set up Big Blue Freediving. At this stage in Freediving history it was a very new 'sport', and the demand for Scuba Diving far outweighed the interest in Freediving. With not a lot of interest or customers, our Belgian left, and with him gone and no one to run it Big Blue FreeDiving kind of withered away and disappeared.

Until one day in 2012 a young couple arrived on the scene - National Champions from Spain & Brazil Pepe Arcos & Flavia Eberhard who were both internationally recognised Free Diving record holders & the only AIDA trained judges on Koh Tao. Flavia was also an SSI FreeDiving Instructor Trainer making Big Blue FreeDiving the only SSI FreeDiving Instructor Training Facility in Thailand.

BBDFD resort2013 was the beginning of the rise of Freediving. The start of what is now the largest growing watersport in the world. And Pepe & Flavia were both worked off their flippers! We were able to keep them with us for another couple of years but like fish in the ocean theses guys weren't meant to be confined to an aquarium and they travelled off to new settings and new adventures.

So in 2015 the future of Big Blue Freediving was left in the hands of Rakel Calderer from Spain. A protege of Flavia & Pepe, Rakel was the National Record holder in Spain in 2011 in FIM, modality (pulling yourself with the line). Big Blue Freediving was in good shape & as the years slipped by Rakel became one of the highest certifying Freediving Instructors in the world.

Again this little fish couldn't be contained & in 2018 Rakel left us to head off to the Philippines to further her freediving adventure and become a Freediving Instructor Trainer.

JP1webSo cometh the hour & cometh the man. It's 2018 & Juan Pablo from Chile, has been hailed as the new Aquaman. Jason Momoa but clean shaven & with a short back & sides! Trained as a nurse JP brings with him a very calm and relaxed character, with a superior knowledge of the physiology behind the techniques involved in breatholding. With a personal best record of 60 meters depth & a static breathhold time of 5 minutes, JP has already made a huge impression in his very short time with us so far & can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for Big Blue Freediving.









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