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Whale Shark Koh Tao

Big Blue Freediving - Koh Tao - Thailand

When all is said & done the success or failure of any business relies very much on the involvement of the staff. Big Blue Diving has a fantastic Dive team & we all know that every time we start a course we know this is big deal for you the students & therefore we got to make this experience the highlight of your holiday!  So lets see who these clowns are shall we...

Our Freediving Team

Rakel, SSI & AIDA Instructor, Big Blue Freediving 

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Rakel was born in Barcelona, Spain in a village in the Pyrenees. A lover of outdoor sports such as climbing, snowboarding, hiking, skating, horseback riding and boxing among others. She discovered her passion for the sea when living several years in Tarragona, on the Mediterranean Sea. Determined to progress in Freediving, she decided to travel to Dahab where she became an AIDA Freediving Instructor and, since, has participated in several competitions. A lover of all modalities of Freediving and an abundance of experience training with many freedivers, some of them the best in this sport.

After a few years in Dahab, Rakel relocated to Beijing, China to teach AIDA courses in swimming pools and deep aquariums in both Beijing and Shanghai. Now after immense experience in China, and missing so much diving in the sea, Rakel has relocated to Koh Tao, Thailand! Rakel completed her SSI Freediving Instructor course and is now duel certified! Rakel can teach in both English and Spanish!

Rakel: I discovered my passion for Freediving when enjoying the sea. I feel free, peaceful and relaxed when i’m in the blue forgetting that the outside world exists, becoming apart of the amazing underwater world. I love to share all of my experience and knowledge with my students’. It is really a pleasure training students’ that have never tried freediving before. They get to discover, for the first time, the art of freediving and I get to share that experience with  them! Growing on me everyday is my love for teaching Freediving. Teaching Freediving is not a job for me, this is a lifestyle that I don’t ever want to change!


“Only one breath, only feelings, only peace, only with yourself, only blue… only Freedive” - Rakel


Big Blue Shop Staff

Jessica Leigh, Shop Manager, Big Blue Diving

Jess 1Jess is our Shop Manager and deals with millions of Baht every month, juggles rooms, customers, taxis, Instructors, Divemasters and housekeepers. She's also fluent in Thai and if she ever left we'd all have to jump ship! Amazing really to think that one of the worlds biggest Dive schools is basically run by someone who thought the capital of Afghanistan was Al Qaeda, that the English Language was invented by Cavemen, that there are only 3 stripes on the American flag and that stick insects are actually made of wood! Luckily Jess has absolutely no interest what so ever in diving! Weird that considering her one and only attempt at scuba and she ended up snogging her Instructor on a boat called Spank Me!

Jim Donaldson, Manager, Big Blue Diving

jim-bondHe has been running Big Blue for the last 7 years but has been in Koh Tao since the millenium. He has worked as a Divemaster, an Instructor and a Manager and now sits around wasting away his retirement years answering fan mail and updating the websites, Facebook and various blogs. He is the proud recipient of SSI's highest honor that of the Platinum Pro 5000 card. A “who’s who” of diving, containing the world’s most prominent dive leaders, scientists, photographers, manufacturers, retailers, and Jim! Extremely handsome, very rich, loved by the ladies and admired by the men, muscular, athletic, virile, looks good in a speedo, well endowed, licensed to kill, charming, witty, intelligent, speaks half a dozen languages and is adored by his staff! At least he better be or they're all fired!

Wibeke Dahlin, Big Blue Diving

WibA PADI Divemaster from Sweden, home to one of the world's stinkiest foods -Surströmming. The aroma of this pungent dish of fermented herring can best be described as a mixture of strong cheese and stale sweat. Her actual claim to fame is that she once shared a dish of this crap with Jamie Oliver on one of his shows! But Wib prefers showing off the fish underwater rather than eating them! Wib is the one who responds to our email enquiries... while lounging by the side of the pool soaking up the sun and supping on Strawberry Daiquiries and listening to the rocking Swedish sounds of Ace of Bass and Roxette! And you thought the sound of Surströmming was bad!

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