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Whale Shark Koh Tao

Big Blue Freediving - Koh Tao - Thailand

Our Freediving Team

Rakel, SSI & AIDA InstructorRAKEL


My name is Rakel and I am Big Blues freediving instructor.

A little history about me, I got my first taste of freediving in 2009 in Spain. Having really enjoyed it I wanted to push myself so I moved to Dahab, Egypt known for being able to go to deeper depths such as … (give deepest freedive in Egypt)

I started training regularly, taking freediving as my own sport, and started to do more courses to understand more about it. I was training with some of the best freedivers in the world, like Miguel Lozano (125m depth), Pascal Berguer(115m depth), Stephen Keenan (100m Depth), Wendy Timmermands(81m depth),. I finished all my certification levels until AIDA Instructor and I started teaching in Dahab.

I did some competitions, and I became The National Record holder in Spain in 2011 in FIM, modality (pulling yourself with the line).

After some teaching in Egypt and China I arrived in Koh Tao around 2014, where I become a SSI instructor and teaching at Big Blue. At Big Blue I get involved with Guillaume Nery (five years Deepest Freediver World Record 126m deep ) and I organise workshops about breathing techniques, equalising techniques and breath holding.

Enjoying the time now here in Koh Tao, working as a instructor and getting more people envolved in my passion .







Kyra kyra

Kyra is a passionate Freediving Instructor who believes free diving is a form of yoga, a “weightless journey beneath the surface on one breath”. She loves being able to share her love for freediving with anyone who will listen and aims to give students the time and energy they need to become safe and strong freedivers.











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