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Big Blue Freediving - Koh Tao - Thailand

Level 1 Freediving Course

Level 1 - SSI Freediving


Here you will learn the proper breathing techniques, familiarize yourself with diaphragmatic breathing and take a deep breath like you never have before. In the SSI level 1 Freediving course you acquire proper skills and knowledge to partake in freediving to depths of 20 meters in the most relaxed and safest manner possible. You will develop skills necessary to train your body to be more efficient with oxygen, gain better respiration and muscle flexibility and learn new skills to take your freediving to the next level.

SSI Level 1 Freediving course includes:


  • theory sessions on Freediving Equipment, Physiology of Freediving, Freediving Skills and Freediving and Your Freediving Environment,
  • specific breathing techniques

Practice sessions:

  • breath hold and relaxation session,
  • dynamic apnea (horizontal under water swimming) and safety procedures,
  • two (2) open water depth dives (along a secured line) where you will progressively learn about technique including adequate finning, body positioning, becoming more streamlined and carrying out safety procedures.

underwater nk7019 as Smart Object 1How long does the course take and how much does it cost?

Duration: 2 days; Price 6,000 Baht


Requirements: Be at least 12 years old, be able to swim

Includes: Freediving equipment, student’s online kit, freediving insurance and SSI online Certification.


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